The UFCRs are DC Bound for CPAC 2016!

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Erin Shonk
It's election day!!!!! If you haven't voted already be sure to make your voice heard today!!! Enjoying the weather by knocking on doors for @senrobportman!!!!!! Time is counting down to election day on November 9th. Make sure you are registered by going online to your local board of elections site. Make sure your voice is heard in November! #getoutandvote We were all young when 9/11 happened 15 years ago, some may not remember what they were doing on this day, but we all grew up knowing about it and hearing how much 9/11 impacted America that day. This is a day We will NEVER forget. Representatives from the College Republicans and College Democrats had a great time recruiting students for their groups and handing out cool free prizes last night at the Party with the Parties Bonfire! Join us and College Democrats at the bonfire pit tonight at 8!
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